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Workshop​ Services

Enrich your organization's performance  culture

Workshops designed specifically for public servants

Discover insider tips and strategies at our federal employee workshop designed to help you navigate the complexities of government operations. From advancement opportunities and building strong workplace cultures, equip your team with the knowledge needed to thrive in the federal workforce.


Target audience: Each workshop is designed for professionals, managers, and executives seeking to develop their organization’s capabilities.


Workshop format: Activities include practical exercises, self-assessments, case studies, role plays, discussions, and application-planning. On-site and Zoom-based virtual options are available.


Each training day covers 8 hours of engagement to accommodate lunch and breaks. These courses are highly experiential sessions that build both knowledge and practical skills.

Workshop Descriptions

Career Transition


Federal Resumes that work: How to get a government job (1 day)


  1. Federal careers at a glance

  2. Market research: How to target your ideal career

  3. Resume writing strategies


Career Fulfillment in Public Service (2 days)


  1. Happy Employees: How to build a fulfilling career

  2. Federal resumes that work: Strategies to get a government job

  3. Hiring Authorities for Government Executives

The Art of Professional Development (1 day)


  1. Start with Why: Differentiating oneself from the competition

  2. Emotional Intelligence and Career Growth: How to foster ongoing professional development

  3. Career Positioning: Techniques for personal branding and networking

Workplace Etiquette: Professionalism tools to springboard your career (1 day)


  1. The Map is the Territory: Professional image and perception as reality

  2. The Ties that Bind: Interpersonal and virtual interactions for strong relationships

  3. Personal branding: How to stand out as the clear choice

People Hire People Not Resumes: Career networking for government success (1 day)​


  1. Understanding Your Network: How to understand your colleagues and shared opportunities

  2. Be Known for a Good Reason? Tools to Develop your brand and message

  3. Deliver on Your Value Proposition: Best practices for engagement


Communication Development


Excellence in Internal and External Customer Service (2 days)​


  1. Building Productive Partnerships: How to define roles in the customer service process

  2. The Platinum Principle: How to treat others the way they want to be treated

  3. The Key to Enduring Partnerships: How to generate mutually beneficial exchanges


Communicating for Positive Impact (2 days)


  1. Self-assessment of personal communication style

  2. Communicating with Purpose: Verbal and non-verbal communication styles

  3. The Gateway to Next Level Performance: Tools for giving and receiving feedback

  4. Finding your voice: Presentation strategies to lead the room


Effective Presentation Skills (1 day)


  1. The Public Speaking Journey: How to design your presentation content and delivery

  2. Speaking with Confidence: How to self-assess your presentation skills

  3. Own the Room: Skills for effective presentation delivery


Effective Organizational Writing (1 day)


  1. Words Matter: Techniques for creating concise and motivating documents

  2. Email Etiquette and Best Practices: Editing and proofreading for successful decision making

  3. Effective Customer Communication: How to meet the needs of your stakeholders


Managing Conflict—Workshop for Personal Effectiveness (1 day)


  1. Know Your Conflict Management Style: Self-assessment and monitoring strategies

  2. Conflict Management Approaches: How to lead with authenticity and influence

  3. Self-Control for Team Success: How to manage personal “triggers”


Leveraging Difficult Conversations (1 day)


  1. Constructive Conflict Resolution: Key components of a difficult conversation

  2. Positive Approaches to Difficult People: Strategies for success in difficult interactions

  3. Building Personal Awareness: How to connect your perceptions to partnerships


Leadership Skills—Managing Up (1 day)


  1. Leadership from a subordinate position

  2. Communication and influence skills for a positive relationship with your supervisor

  3. Addressing work styles, expectations, resources, and goals

  4. Dealing with difficult relationship patterns


Leadership and Management

Let Your Personality be Your Guide: How to build professional relationships (2 days)


  1. Reflect on who you are: Take the free personality assessment

  2. Pay Attention to Your Attention: How to be mindful of your biases

  3. Know Your Preferences: How to use the platinum rule 


Collaboration in the Workplace: How to build a culture of transparency and trust (2 days)


  1. Determining when it is helpful to collaborate

  2. Self-aware communication skills to support collaboration

  3. Organizational success moves at the speed of trust

Influence and Negotiation: How to nurture your leadership capabilities (1 day)


  1. Influencing strategies and principles

  2. Approaches and strategy in negotiation

  3. Skills for negotiating win-win solutions


Stepping into Leadership: Assembling your managerial toolkit (1 day)


  1. Management vs. leadership: The keys to career success and fulfillment

  2. Transitioning to a leadership role: 5 key pitfalls to avoid

  3. Building a team: How to embrace differences as a competitive advantage


Change Management for the Organization and the Individual (1 day)


  1. Time to Level-Up: Change as a multi-dimensional challenge and opportunity for growth

  2. Growth is Possible: Understanding and supporting the emotional experience of change

  3. Tools for leading effective organizational change: Planning, communications, and buy-in


Building Team Performance: How to drive performance through feedback (1 day)


  1. Show Some Empathy: Performance coaching to support supervisory development

  2. Put it Into Practice: Techniques and approaches for performance coaching

  3. Different Strokes for Different Folks: Apply your skills with care and joy


Driving Organizational Growth: Techniques for Effective Meeting Facilitation (1 day)


  1. Get it Down on Paper: Preparation activities including building agendas

  2. One Step at a Time: Creating strong dialogue at a positive pace

  3. Building Concurrence: Managing disagreement and challenging behaviors

  4. We All Win, or We All Don’t Play: Methods and tools for group decision making


Team Leadership Tools: Techniques to cultivate career satisfaction (1 day)


  1. Start Your Engines: Teamwork and the contexts that support a team to thrive

  2. How Stuff Gets Done: Tools for the key roles and responsibilities of a team leader

  3. I Love it When a Plan Comes Together: Facilitating team development and performance

Leadership Effectiveness Through Emotional Intelligence (1 day)


  1. Are You a Good Leader? Self-assessment of current emotional intelligence

  2. Act with Authenticity: The impact of emotional intelligence on leadership effectiveness

  3. Skill development and action planning: How to foster individual growth opportunities

Leveraging Diversity in Generational Differences (1 day)


  1. Generations in the workplace: How to embrace everyone’s traits and values

  2. Leveraging Diversity: How and build collaboration across differences

  3. We Win Together: Ensuring all are heard and all benefit

Virtual Communication and Management (1 day)


  1. The Virtual Workplace with Actual Results: How challenges become opportunities

  2. I Think You’re on Mute: Self-assessment of communication style and virtual collaboration

  3. Building a Strong Connection: Tools for communication, relationship building, and success

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