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Are you interested in working for the Federal Government but find the whole resume and application process to be a bit… exhausting?

Many options promise quick solutions for getting a government job. But, if you want to build a long-lasting career in government, you need a process that teaches you how to identify and secure your ideal positions over time. The Gov Geeks Guide to Government Resumes will help guide you to your career fulfillment with proven strategies and insights in an accessible and fun way.

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Are you looking for career advancement opportunities but finding networking a challenge?

With practical and actionable strategies, this guide can help change your life immeasurably. Consider a new approach that values your strengths and nurtures your relationships. Networking is about finding common ground through supportive relationships, not shortcuts that take advantage of others. If you’re looking for proven techniques to support your professional and aspirational goals, you’ll refer to this guide repeatedly!

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Do you find job interviews for the federal government to be a challenge?

We’re here to share valuable insights to help you crush the interview and find fulfillment in a government career. From insights with human capital experts and discussions with Chief Human Capital Officers to first-hand experiences as both candidates and selecting officials, this book will give you a competitive edge in your career search.


From entry through executive levels, if you want to make a wise investment in your career advancement and learn life-changing job interview strategies, this book is for you!

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The Gov Geeks Guide to Government Soft Skills is your hands-on resource to empower you with tested and actionable strategies to manage your career in the federal government.

We understand the need for strong soft skills and wrote this book to help you manage your opportunities and find professional fulfillment in your work. If you’re looking for tools to build a rewarding and expansive career in the federal government, this book is for you!

What the Gov Geekdom is saying...

I read The Gov Geeks Guide to Government Resumes by Javier and Karen Lopez and I enjoyed it. I bookmarked a few pages to share with students. I wish I had this when I started my career would have made things easier. I lot of what is entitled in their book goes for many industrial companies and academic institutions.

~ Dr. Heinlein

Javier and Karen did a great jobs on this topic that only a few can provide better insights. This book will save ton of time with its practical guidance. I have been in the Federal consulting roles over 15 years at major firms and still found MANY great gold nuggets in this book that I’m applying to my personal resume. Highly recommend read this book for most folks before creating an account at USAjobs.

~ Tracy H.

The Gov Geeks changed my life! Their passion for people and commitment to helping public servants reach career fulfillment is unmatched. As a coach, Javier helped me to discover professional possibilities that aligned with my passions. I now feel empowered to surpass my career goals and find real happiness in my work.

~ A. Hill 

The authors have a genuine dedication to public service that jumps off of every page of this helpful guide. Whether you are a novice looking to develop your first resume, or a seasoned professional looking to brush up on old skills...this book will be an invaluable tool that you find yourself turning to again and again.

~ D.C. Walters

Javier and Karen Lopez walk the walk by mentoring thousands of people of all ages and career stages as the Gov Geeks. Now they have brought their unique perspective and passion to an easy-to-read and charming book that provides concrete and inspiring tools for people looking to get jobs, and more so, find meaningful careers that they love in public service. I highly recommend Gov Geeks Guide to Government Resumes. Hopefully, it's just the first in a series from these authors!

~ S. Korman

This book is so much more than a guide to writing resumes. It’s an engaging, confidence boosting, transformative take on finding a fulfilling career. It’s easy to read, fun, and relevant. The Gov Geeks will help you find a career that matters to you and aligns with your values.

~ E. Berube

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