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The Gov Geeks, LLC. provides professional development resources for public servants. From fun videos and interviews to coaching services and keynote addresses, we serve the people side of government… in a fun way. Service for public servants! 

You've taken your first step into a larger world. As a group of thoughtful, committed citizens, we're on a mission to serve the professional development needs of career and aspiring public servants across the spectrum of Government. Not affiliated with any one government agency or political party, we believe our colleagues in local, state, and federal levels play crucial roles in our lives even though most don't even realize it. They have both the opportunity and responsibility to make lasting change for each one of us.


To help them meet that end, our work seeks to improve the people side of Government -- in a fun way! If you've heard the calling and are interested in serving the greater good, we are here for you. In this community, you'll find career strategies to get in and get ahead while making a difference in the world. Your passion and expertise is in need… and there are plenty of opportunities available.


Your time has arrived. We're proud to be on this journey with you… and together for our country!


Javier Lopez, MSA
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Javier proudly serves as the Geek in Chief and Co-Founder of The Gov Geeks LLC, a learning and professional development endeavor committed to helping public servants get in and get ahead in government. Through coaching, workshop facilitation, and public addresses, Javier presents the genuine value of service.

​Drawing upon nearly two decades as a high-performing federal executive and an Adjunct Professor of organizational leadership, Javier is a scholar-practitioner and keynote speaker who offers helpful career strategies that focus on personal empowerment and mission success. His unique insights are of value to individuals and organizations alike.

​Javier was born in El Paso, Texas. He holds a Master of Science in Administration from Trinity Washington University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at El Paso. Equipped with an array of professional training and certifications, he is well versed in the functions of government. Javier is committed to using his experience, training, and energy to fulfill the potential of others.

​He is happily married to a fellow gov geek, grateful for two wonderful daughters, and resides in Alexandria, Virginia. A full-time public servant himself, his work with The Gov Geeks is not part of any official duties or responsibilities.

Karen Lopez

Karen is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of The Gov Geeks, LLC. A native Texan with a passion for public service, she combines her love of science and human behavior to successfully implement programs within the Federal Government. Her expertise spans across human resource management and organizational leadership to curriculum development and financial operations. 

Drawing upon 14 years of progressively expanding responsibility evaluating and directing programs at the federal level, Karen takes joy in mentoring others and being of value to the mission of any organization lucky enough to work with her. From supporting cognitive brain research at the University of Texas at El Paso with the Department of Defense (DoD) to improving diplomatic functions at the Department of State, Mrs. Lopez has made a true difference for the nation. 


Her impact can be measured not only in national security but also in the lives of those around her. Karen orchestrated the management of a 2.5 million dollar Congressional mandate to match economically disadvantaged college students from across the country with high profile and mission critical offices within DoD. Connecting aspiring public servants to critical defense needs, her work lives on in the now more than 200 federal employees whose work keeps us safe. 


Mrs. Lopez holds a B.S. in Human Resource Management from Trinity Washington University and a graduate certificate from American University's Key Leadership Program. While Mrs. Lopez has proven to be driven and capable, she humbly admits she cannot take full credit for her accomplishments. Her successes are a direct result of those she works with and the constant support of her husband and her two daughters.

A full-time public servant as well, her work with The Gov Geeks is not part of any official duties or responsibilities. 

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