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The Gov Geeks, LLC

Coaching Services for Public Servants

Helping government employees lead purpose driven careers in public service

Coaching Services for Public Servants

Welcome to The Gov Geeks! We provide coaching and training services for government employees. Our mission is to help you find career fulfillment in public service. We serve the people side of the government with individual & group coaching, keynote speeches, masterclasses, videos, and more!

Partner with The Gov Geeks to build a career strategy that showcases the value of your experience, competencies, and career purpose. Our career coaching services are designed to help you unlock fulfilling work in government - not just another job. 

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When you sign up, you’ll receive: “Launching your purpose driven career… How to craft a government resume” a video training program with templates and resources!

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J. Laurent

"Javier is the best at what he does! He works hard for his clients and really knows his stuff. Best of all he really cares about people and helping them. He has a ton of experience and is really attune to each persons individual needs. I have really enjoyed working with him and couldn't more highly recommend him!"

K. Parra

"It's a pleasure to recommend Javier as a coach and mentor, particularly for individuals in the public sector. His expertise and experience in government, combined with his passion and knowledge in career development and coaching, make him the ideal strategic career-planning partner. Javier is not only an excellent coach, but he's also fun and creative - qualities that make it a joy to be around him!"

J. Palumbo

"If you are seeking a professional to help you land that dream government service position, Javier Lopez is the coach for you. I have had the opportunity to learn from Javier recently and have found him to have an abundance of knowledge about how to craft a resume, build leadership skills and champion your talents as a government service person. He is a government geek that thoroughly enjoys helping others achieve success."

R. Manuse

"I found Javier to be a very smart, hard working, first rate financial manager while at Booz Allen in delivering support to DHS. Javier also keeps his client requirements as his foremost priority in delivering great service."

N. Alvanzo

"I had an opportunity to work with Mr. Lopez as a client and business partner. Mr. Lopez's authentic coaching approach and leadership development skills were exactly what I needed to jump-start my business. Working with his firm was an absolute game-changer. While some coaches may offer theory-based recommendations and intangible ideas, Mr. Lopez provided me a pragmatic point of view while ensuring that I was going to be responsible for designing my business roadmap and more importantly accountable for a successful transformation. I would highly recommend working with Mr. Lopez whether you are an experienced public sector or executive leader his coaching partnership will offer you a strategic advantage to maximize your potential."

E. Berube

"Javier is an incredibly intuitive career coach with a laser focus on his clients' growth and development. He excels at creating a warm, engaging environment while pulling from his expertise in public service to provide excellent guidance. I highly recommend his services and have benefited greatly from his coaching abilities."

P. Doyle

"I highly recommend to Javier for his skill in professional career development. He has helped me navigate the federal career application process with excellent results. Due to Javiers coaching, I feel confident navigating USAJOBS and have been referred for several positions."

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