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Private Group Coaching

Partner with The Gov Geeks to build a career strategy that showcases the value of your experience, competencies, and career purpose. More than cookie cutter resumes that get lost among other applications, the right approach can position you as the clear choice for Selecting Officials in the Federal Government. 

Find your purpose with our career coaching services. Each component is a step toward unlocking fulfilling work in government - not just another job. 

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Career Coaching Service Components:

Evaluation and analysis of your career profile - Conduct a comprehensive professional profile review. From completion of an Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI)  and nine one-hour coaching sessions to marketplace research and salary comparisons, you will gain a unique perspective on what is possible in your career. 

Career strategy development - Align your qualifications with government jobs. The Gov Geeks will partner with you to create career options designed to lead you toward goals closely aligned with your profession and government hiring needs. 

Professional coaching to formulate an action plan - Develop a customized growth plan, with measurable activities and accountability tools based on your unique needs and aspirations.

Custom resume development - Craft your resume using a format and style suited to your target market, with an emphasis on your career passions and key words. The Gov Geeks leverages a unique knowledge and skillset to identify key words, formatting, and tailoring designed to help you make position certification lists and secure interviews. 

Career consultation and guidance - From position announcements and application strategies to salary negotiations and marketability, we'll help you manage the full spectrum of your career.

Interview preparation - Tailored talking points, feedback, and coaching to improve your readiness plus three one-hour mock interview sessions.

Preparation for structured networking - A professional portfolio to showcase your work and improve your networking effectiveness will be developed within 
structured strategy sessions. 

Empower your career growth with a purpose-focused approach

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