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How to craft a government resume

Learn how to craft a government resume that exceeds applicant tracking system, human capital experts, and hiring manager requirements. 

Government resumes are unlike those found in other job sectors. The format must meet system requirements and the content must convey your expertise and ability to excel in the position - all while keeping the reader engaged after reviewing hundreds of applications.

This online course is designed to give you all of this and more. Our career coaching focuses on what drives performance and fulfillment in public service. You chose to serve our nation and have the opportunity to accomplish phenomenal feats. Trust The Gov Geeks to help you achieve measurable results and sustainable growth — not only for yourself, but also for your team, and the country.

Points Covered:

  • Review of provided resource templates and links

  • Step by step instructions to build your resume

  • Summary profile: How to build your message

  • Professional experience: How to record your positions

  • Qualification themes: How to convey your expertise

  • Accomplishments: How to craft high-impact statements

  • Education and training: How to convey your development

Javier and Karen Lopez

The Gov Geeks, LLC

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