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Why I Choose Public Service

I have found the tangible present is a worth the intangible future.

The belief that the noble sacrifice of the moment to serve the potential of the future is worth serving. The gathered hopes and dreams of an American people is near and dear to my heart. The sacrifices of generations are placed in the hands of the youth for a temporary opportunity for growth and prosperity deserves our utmost dedication and attention.

I am called to a higher purpose for the good of others and the welfare of a nation. That we take this sacred obligation freely is the bedrock of public service. It is the call at 3 am from the wilderness that we follow blindly yet ask others to tread lightly behind us into the darkness guided only by the hope of a better tomorrow. We hope that providence will shepherd us through the darkness so that we discover the new and fulfill our aspirations.

I am struck by the power of potential. Given due diligence and clarity off thought, we can achieve more than has ever been imagined. To conceptualize the future is to shape our own realities. We define ourselves by the quiet moments of triumph, defeat, and unwaivering commitment to the betterment of others.

This is Public Service.


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