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Save your files with job ID numbers

Career quick tip #1: Save your files with job application ID numbers. It’s a great way to stay organized and ready for interviews!

Welcome to The Gov Geeks! We're here to improve the people side of Government - in a fun way! I'm Javier and here's quick-tip number 1 to help you get in and get ahead in government: Save file names and folders with job ID numbers.

Government job announcements can take a while to hear back on. Several weeks or even months can pass by before you get an interview or even a response. It's just the way the process goes. In that time, you may have applied to half a dozen other positions. While these applications can help your odds of getting an interview it can also become challenging to keep track of all the announcements. Here's a quick tip to keep them all straight.

Save the announcement number in each of your file names and save those in separate folders as well. This way, you have a full record of what was submitted to which job and can quickly reference each opportunity. Believe me, there's nothing worse than getting a call from a prospective hiring manager and not knowing what you submitted!

This quick and easy way to manage your documents can help you keep it all in order!

There you go success in action. Be sure to sign up for more strategies on professional development in the public sector. We're here to help you make a difference in Public Service.

Thank you so much for watching. Service for Public Servants!


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