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Interview tip: Listen to your favorite song

Career quick tip #3: Listen to your favorite music before interviews. Get in a good mood and relax before walking in and showing them you can get the job done!

Welcome back to The Gov Geeks! We're on a mission is to improve the people side of Government. I'm Javier and here's quick-tip number 3 to help you get in and get ahead in government: listen to your favorite songs before interviews.

Interviews can be stressful. The people on the other side of the table are literally evaluating you in a scenario that can change your life. But don't worry. If you look at interviews as great opportunities to take advantage of, they shouldn't stress you out. Here's a way to help with that.

Listen to something that makes you happy. Being at ease is a big part of putting you in the right mood to handle the situation. Think about it. Your resume and networking have already done the hard work to get you this far. You're clearly qualified or they would not have invited you into the room for consideration. Interviews are meant to see if candidates are a good fit for the organization. The best person you can be is a relaxed and confident candidate who's ready to excel in the position. So, listen, relax, and show them you're ready to play at this level!

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Thanks for watching. Service for Public Servants!


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