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The Gov Geeks | Federal Contracts and Negotiations

Federal Contracts and Negotiations


Students learn to identify, discern, and apply appropriate strategies for negotiating federal contracts. Negotiation is a complex process with dynamic interactions requiring a high level of self-knowledge and awareness of other, the effects of differences (culture, gender, and others) and conflict on the negotiation process. Students will analyze their contract requirements, potential vendor's offerings, assess maximum and minimum bargaining positions, and evaluate progress, work scope, cost and price, terms and conditions, and contract changes. Students will engage in case studies and experiential exercises to build their confidence and competence in their ability to reconcile the contract requirements and the interpersonal dynamics they will encounter in the process of negotiation. Materials included.

Course Terms and Conditions 

  • Details

    Minimum participants: 5

    Maximum participants: 25

    Course length: 2 days

    Location: Customer's site

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