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Executive Coaching Services

Enhance your leadership performance and development. Coaching designed specifically for Senior Executive Service members, GS-15s, or their equivalents.


Leadership in the federal government is unique. We experience challenges and opportunities not seen by our colleagues in the private sector. With today’s government moving at a faster pace than ever before — often with fewer resources — disruptions, distractions and exhaustion have become common. 


Our executive coaching focuses on what drives performance and fulfillment in public service. You chose to serve our nation and have the opportunity to accomplish phenomenal feats. Trust The Gov Geeks to help you achieve measurable results and sustainable growth — not only for yourself, but also for your team, and the country.

What is Executive Coaching?

US Office of Personnel Management

Memorandum for Chief Human Capital Officers

September 10, 2018

Subject: Coaching in the Federal Government

Coaching is a sanctioned learning and development activity as described in 5 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 410.203.  Coaching is one of the most effective learning and development activities for supervisors, managers, and executives.  Equipping leaders with coaching skills is a proven and effective way to enhance employee development and performance.

​Common issues tackled:

  • Develop leadership skills of technical experts interested in supervisory positions

  • Facilitate professional transitions (e.g., transition from non-supervisory to supervisory

    roles, transition into higher level leadership roles)

  • Organize and prioritize professional responsibilities

  • Clarify vision, create meaningful goals, and develop achievable action steps

  • Achieve professional career goals

  • Solve individual leadership challenges

  • Excel in self-awareness and self-management

  • Identify core strengths and recognize how best to leverage them

  • Gain clarity in purpose and decision-making


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