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Executive Coaching​ Services 

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Enhance your career growth and development

Congratulations on hiring an executive coach! 

Please use the calendar links below to schedule time for us to work toward your career development goals. If you encounter any challenges finding a time, please email me directly at and we'll find a time that works. 

I look forward to working with you to help make your career development goals a reality! 

~ Javier

Javier Lopez, MSA, PCC

Executive Coach

The Gov Geeks, LLC


Notes & FAQs:

  • Please consult your invoice for any payment questions or arrangements

  • Sessions are conducted virtually via Zoom to share screens and information

  • Session hours and amount depend on the services purchased

  • Use the links below to schedule your coaching sessions

  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions work best to deliver results   

  • Sessions can be scheduled as far as 90 days ahead

Schedule Your Session
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